by Joel Byers

The wind blew fetid, dank air around Matt and Charlie and ruffled their hair. Matt ground his nose into his shirt sleeve as the warm, moist scent of humid death and decay made his lunch try to crawl it's way back up his throat. He grabbed his smaller friend's shirt and pulled Charlie toward him and said, "This door. This door right here. This door that is obviously sitting here 'boding'. That's the door you said couldn't possibly exist."

Charlie held his hankerchief against his mouth and nose as he stared at the door in disbelief. It was the cupboard door below the bathroom sink and as he was forced by Matt to squat down and look at it, he noticed a couple of items right off the bat. First, the area inside the door was now a small cave with sand and mud and roots and bugs and it also went a lot further back than the original 30 inches. It looked like it would go back hundreds of feet. Second, there was a foul wind blowing from the depths of that new cave in the office bathroom and that wind carried some disturbing sounds. Sounds that sounded like something crawling and scrabbling up along that muddy cave.

Charlie quickly made an executive decision and said, "It's not supposed to be here, Matt."

"But it is," Matt answered.

"But it's not supposed to be here," Charlie replied a little louder.

"BUT IT IS," Matt retorted with a lot more force.

"So what do you want me to do?" Charlie said as he stared at the open door with trepidation.

"How do we fix it?" Matt asked as he kicked the door shut.

"Cement and re-bar?" Charlie replied.

"There's some next to the driveway," Matt said as he left the washroom. "It's the stuff left over from ghoul attack last Thursday."

Charlie scratched his head after Matt had left the room and said to himself, "But it's not supposed to be here. My calculations all said that only the closet next to the main office is supposed to do that."

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